Our walkways are 2′ wide and are available in steel, aluminum, plastic and hybrid.


• Steel walkways – 4′, 8′, and 12′ lengths
• Aluminum walkways – 8′ and 12′ lengths
• Plastic walkways – 8′ lengths and can be customized to accommodate any job site.
• Hybrid walkways – 8′ lengths. They are a combination of the plastic walkways with a steel frame.


Steel and aluminum walks are engineered and primarily used for construction. The surface of these walks have an aggressive Grip Strut™tread. This industry leading tread provides superior grip for walking, it also helps keep the worksite clean by helping remove the mud off of boots.


Plastic and hybrid walks are most often used for sale centers, show homes and residential sites. These types of sites are used most often by the general public with little to no construction traffic. Plastic and hybrid walkways have two different types of anti slip surfaces to suit different needs on the job site. It provides your end customer with a safe access to the site.


Stairs – Aluminum stairs are used in areas where the mount is too high for ramps or walkways. In these situations, we use these adjustable stairs to accommodate a variety of different heights.


Our hand rails are available for both interior and exterior installations.


Interior Hand Rails – This hand rail system is quick and easy to install and designed for quick removal. Our unique system uses a boot that is secured to the floor, and a post that slides in and out of the “boot”. This system allows you to quickly remove the handrails when material is being delivered or if it’s in the way of construction.


Exterior Hand Rail – They attach to our walkways to provide safer access where fall hazards exist. Providing safe access to the jobsite in all weather conditions.